Public Opinion Strategies


Public Opinion Strategies is one of the nation’s top research firms based out of Washington, DC. They specialize in political, public affairs, policy, and corporate positioning research and public relations.

They needed a complete overhaul of their website and blog, both of which had major organizational problems and an outdated interface.

Since their tagline is “Turning Questions into Answers”, we thought what better way to sell their brand, than to showcase some of their extensive, successful case studies in the form of a typographical Q & A. This theme pervades the imagery and messaging of their new site and brings a level of concept and cohesion that they were lacking paired with a modern user interface.

The other challenge involved redesigning and heavily reorganizing their blog. The new design includes a much more appealing, image heavy landing page with easy to navigate sub-category navigation, a rotating featured article banner, cleaner type style choices, and a user-friendly back end that makes updates quick and simple.

Designed at Six Half Dozen